Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I never know how to get the best deal! I think I do, and then just when I think I have it figured out, they change it!! I was worried when I booked our holiday flights because I didn't want to spend over $400 each but it was around Thanksgiving, so the holidays were fast approaching and they weren't going down very much. Finally they got below $400 after taxes so I bought because I figured with it being the holidays, and less than a month out, they weren't likely to get lower ... and two weeks later they DROPPED A HUNDRED DOLLARS! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Now I'm trying to book our Puerto Rico flights ... they've been about the same for the last few weeks. The lowest flights are $350-400 but that's for an early return flight which we can't do since the cruise ship doesn't get in until 7am and we can't book a flight before noon. To get a flight after noon on most airlines has been over $600 each. I found JetBlue (which is a great airline I hear and no bag fee for the first bag), and those were only about $500 each before taxes but we wouldn't get in until 11:30pm on Saturday (so less time to spend in San Juan) and we would have to drive an extra hour or so to and from Austin because JetBlue only flies out of Austin.

Finally I found a way to get them slightly under $600 after taxes with AirTran (which I have company benefits for, including no bag fee for the first bag , priority boarding and priority security lines) and we would get into San Juan at 4pm Saturday so more time to spend there, but it would include two stops on the way back. But at least the two stops aren't Detroit and New York like the Delta flights making travel time the ENTIRE DAY, they are Atlanta and Orlando ... reasonable I think for San Juan to San Antonio. So I have the itineraries on hold for 24 hours (another company benefit) and I was about to book them (almost $1200 total) ... and now I look and the JetBlue flights dropped! So now it's almost $200 cheaper to do that over AirTran .... UGH!!! What to do?!?!?!

Make a pros and cons list my mom would say ... or wait?!?! Heck I don't know!!!


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